Healthy Way to Grow

Healthy Way to Grow Program Recognition

Congratulations to our new Bronze Healthy Way to Grow centers! These centers are being recognized for achieving best practices in nutrition, physical activity, screen time and infant feeding, Healthy Way to Grow’s four core program areas, impacting the lives of the children, families and staff that they serve.  
HWTG Bronze Recognition IconBronze Healthy Way to Grow centers are:
  • Day Nursery, Scranton, PA
  • Global Village International Preschool, Aurora, CO
  • Laredo Child Development Center, Aurora, CO
  • Maplewood YMCA, Rochester, NY
  • Munchkinland Preschool, Reno, NV
  • The Child Garden, Reno, NV

These centers have 1) developed a center wellness policy and ensured that parents, families and center staff are aware of the new healthy policies; 2) offered in-service training/continuing education to center staff and teachers on the four core program areas at least once a year; 3) included learning activities for children that incorporate the four core program areas at least once a month, 4) engaged parents and families in the program by providing information on the center’s participation and educational information on the four core program areas at least once per year, and 5) achieved at least 60% of applicable core best practices in the four core program areas.

William G. McGowan LogoThe William G. McGowan Charitable Fund is the inaugural funder of Healthy Way to Grow, a joint program between the American Heart Association and Nemours, an internationally recognized children’s health system. With a mission to impact lives today and empower future generations, the McGowan Fund is committed to reversing the childhood obesity epidemic.

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